Taisn Hot Gimmick Mix Party

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Taisn Hot Gimmick Mix Party
Taisn Hot Gimmick Mix Party.png
General information
System Taito Type X
Year 2005
Publisher Psyko
Number of Players 1
Controls Mahjong Panel
Genre(s) Mahjong
Version 1.00
Public Dump YES
Playable NO
Resolution 480p (640 x 480)
Input JVS

Taisn Hot Gimmick Mix Party (2005) Is a TypeX, Mahjong game, made by Xnaughts , this title is a complication title with the 1st 4 Games in the hot gimmick series


The story goes that each opponent you face is troubled by some kind of problem or bad habit. It is your mission to relieve and cure such people of these troubles. Of course, the remedy to these problems, and just about anything else for that matter, is solved through the game of mahjong

Test Menu Translation

画面テスト Screen Test
入力テスト Input Test
サウンド設定 Sound Settings
システム設定 System Settings
ゲーム設定 Game Settings
初期設定に戻す Restore Default Settings
ハイスコア初期化 Clear High Score Data
終了(リセット) Exit Test/Reboot

Emulation Status: No known Emulators ( Not playable )

There is currently No emulator Capable of playing this title