Dead Heat

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Dead Heat
General information
System Namco ES1
Year 2010
Publisher Namco
Number of Players 1
Controls Driving
Genre(s) Racing
Version 1.0
Public Dump YES
Playable YES
Resolution 768p (1360 x 768)
Input JVS


Dead Heat plays like a basic arcade racer with only 4 tracks and 7 cars to choose from, New York is the only track set at night time. when a player has finished a race the game allows them to save a pin code to unlock 3 nitorus boosts and save their cars. The game does not feature any score/time saving or leaderboards so once the player has raced on all 4 tracks then the game has little replay value. The game also features a camera located above the screen on the cabinet that allows them to take a picture of themselves to be displayed above their car in the race.

3D version

Dead heat had a 3D release in japan known as Maximum Heat 3D, The content is the same between Dead Heat and Maximum Heat with the only difference is Maximum Heat has 3D glasses attached to the cabinet which can be adjusted so the player can see the screen.

Similarities to Maximum Tune

  • Same direction arrow sound effects
  • Same cabinet design as Maximum Tune 4
  • Cars have the same unique cornering physics as Maximum Tune series


  • Requires a Nvidia 9800GT or similar to run, non Nvidia cards won't work
  • Will only run on an Intel CPU (Core2Duo or later), attempting to run on anything else will throw up an error
  • Will require a Debian based Linux distribution such as Ubuntu

Emulation Status: Fully playable